Introduction to Demand Guarantees & Standbys

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Author: Professor James E. Byrne

Type of Product: Softbound Book -174 pages / eBook (new!

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Introduction To Demand Guarantees & Standbys is an important title in the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice's case materials series. This 174-page soft-bound book features case studies and practical questions to stimulate understanding of contemporary court cases involving demand guarantees and standby letters of credit.

The case materials are organized into chapters beginning with an initial discussion of guarantees and standbys and several court cases which take up the dispute of whether the guarantee is independent or not (Chapter 1). The focus then shifts to sources of letter of credit law and the influence of practice (Chapter 2), automatic extension and reduction clauses (Chapter 3), confirmation, counter standbys, and counter guarantees (Chapter 4), LC fraud, abuse, and unconscionability (Chapter 5), and transfer & assignment and transfer by operation of law (Chapter 6).

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