LC Rules & Laws: Critical Texts for Independent Undertakings (8th edition)

LC Rules & Laws: Critical Texts for Independent Undertakings (8th edition)

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All the rules and laws that today's Letter of Credit & Guarantee specialist need are here under one book cover. Tired of dealing with multiple pamphlets of all different sizes? This is the answer for you.

Preceding each item, an overview provides brief background on the history and significance of each set of rules or laws. The popular “blue book” returns with even more useful features. All the rules in one book at a fraction of the price!

Over USD250 worth of rules for $129!

Table of Contents

What is Included

  • UCP600 + eUCP 2.0
  • ISP98 + ISP Model Forms 1, 2, & 11
  • INCOTERMS 2020
  • ISBP 745
  • URDG 758
  • Sanctions Resources
  • URR 725
  • US Rev. UCC Article 5
  • Chinese LC Rules
  • Chinese Guarantee Provisions
  • UN LC Convention
  • ICC on Originals & Non-Bank Issuance
  • ICC Paper on On Board Notations
  • S. Revised UCC Article 5
  • and 70 MORE.
Who Should Read This 

  LC & Guarantee specialists
  Bankers who work in trade finance
  Bank Lawyers
  External Lawyers dealing with LCs and Guarantees
  Corporates who deal with LCs and Guarantees 


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