UCP600 Transport Documents (2nd ed.)

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Allow one of the world's leading experts to steer you clear of a rough experience with "UCP 600 Transport Documents".

Back by popular demand, trade finance expert Kim Sindberg has fully re-written his “UCP 600 Transport Documents” book. The newly released Second Edition of “UCP 600 Transport Documents” takes into account ISBP 745, recent ICC Official Opinions, and significant technical changes to how transport documents are impacting practice.

Currently active as a trade finance consultant, Sindberg has dealt with countless situations and scenarios during more than 20 years combined experience as a banker and freight forwarder.

In his book, Sindberg shares insight and offers recommendations to assist specialists in reducing refusals of transport documents presented under documentary credits.

Table of Contents | Sample Chapter

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What is Included

  • Definition of shipping company;
  • The non-negotiable sea waybill was introduced to the ISBP;
  • New practice in choosing between bill of lading (Article 20) and multimodal transport document (Article 19);
  • The meaning of “Freight Forwarder’s bill of lading is not acceptable”;
  • How to handle transport documents issued/signed by the “branch of the carrier”;
  • That IATA codes cannot be used to identify the carrier;
  • What kind of on-board notation is required when the first leg of a multimodal transport document – as required by the documentary credit – is a sea leg;
  • Whether or not a “delivery agent at port of discharge” must have its address at the port of discharge.

Who Should Read This

- LC and Guarantee Bankers/Lawyers
- Import/Export
- Freight Forwarders
- Professionals using UCP600 for trade transactions


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