UCP600 Insurance Documents

UCP600 Insurance Documents

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Inspired by positive reaction from the trade finance community for his previous title, “UCP 600 Transport Documents” (2015), internationally recognized trade finance expert Kim Sindberg now delivers practical insights and analysis on another area of industry practice in need of concentrated focus.

In “UCP 600 Insurance Documents”, Sindberg confronts an often-perplexing document type that’s known to frustrate even experienced practitioners. Delving into the world of insurance documents, it became clear to Sindberg that practice is fragmented and insurance documents are worthy of attention. In “UCP 600 Insurance Documents”, Sindberg strives to explain applicable rules and practice in an effective manner, supplemented with real-world examples, such that specialists using insurance documents can handle them with confidence.                

Who Should Read This

• LC Bankers
• Lawyers
• Compliance Officers
• Corporates
• Importers/Exporters
 Freight Forwarders
 Professionals using UCP600 for trade transactions

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