2019 SE Asia Guarantee & Standby Forum - Singapore

2019 SE Asia Guarantee & Standby Forum - Singapore

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2019 Singapore Guarantee & Standby Forum

IIBLP returns to Singapore in 2019 for the highly regarded standby LC and demand guarantee conference.

As one of the world’s leading authorities on independent guarantees and standby LCs, the Institute conducts this one-day event concentrating specifically on these instruments and the various issues that arise in practice and law. Focusing on concerns confronting today’s practitioner, the program includes lessons from recent court cases and tips for drafting sound guarantees & standbys.

Held annually in major markets around the world, the Guarantee & Standby Forum is the definitive conference for specialists who regularly deal with these instruments. Network with demand guarantee experts, address problems in drafting standbys, and become part of the active discussion.



17 July, 2019


Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Center 11 Cavenagh Rd, Singapore 229616 (map


CDCS: Earn 7 CPDs Learning Hours
CSDG: Earn 7 CPDs Learning Hours 
CSCF: Earn 7 CPDs Learning Hours

Topics Include:

Pitfalls, Predicaments, and Practice Issues Impacting Guarantees & Standbys

  • Meaningless Guarantee Wording & Motivations for Using It
  • International Standard Banking Practices for Demand Guarantees: A Progress Report
  • Post-Expiry Claim Periods: What It Means for Banks when Guarantee Law Allows for such
  • Automatic Extension: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  
Spotlight on Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Operative or Non-Operative
  • Pre-Signed Draw Documents
Standby Text Around the World
  • With critical eyes, panelists will review wording from actual standby text seen in Asia, Europe the Middle East, and the Americas. What wording is desirable? What’s ill-advised? Delegates will be urged to join the conversation and offer insights. 
    Key Issues Litigated in Recent Guarantee & Standby Cases
    • 3M Co. v. HSBC Bank (Implications of back-to-back standbys with alleged fraudulent draw by overseas Government beneficiary)
    • PHHH Investments No. 2 Pty Ltd. v. United Commercial Projects Pty Ltd. (Beneficiary “approval” of performance guarantee?)
    • Bombardier Inc. v. Hellenic Ministry of National Defense (Conflicting injunction on counter-guarantee supporting local guarantee ordered paid where underlying contract previously rendered null and void)
    • Vanpoy Corp. v. Soliel Chartered Bank (General jurisdiction over bank allegedly issuing standby securing international sale)
    • Philippine Commercial International Bank v. Korea Exchange Bank-Head Office (interpreting ambiguous injunction orders)
    • Leading Chinese Cases decided under the PRC Independent Guarantee Provisions



      What to Expect

      -A dynamic program and interactive format
      -High level discussions with top names in the field, on the issues that matter most to your work.
      -Topics will include issues in drafting standbys and demand guarantees, interpretation of terms in standbys and guarantees, issues in presentation and compliance, legal interpretations from recent cases, and much more.

      Who Should Attend

      -Lawyers working for firms or banks
      -Bankers and Corporates with an active interest in banking law and a desire to further their knowledge of how legal issues are impacting standby and demand guarantee practice today.
      -Law firms that are serious about trade finance matters, and Banks with significant LC portfolios will want to be represented for this full-day program.


      Additional Notes

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      A limited number of partial scholarships are available for this program through the Developing Country Grant  Initiative (DCGI). To seek fast track qualification, please contact 

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