Between 2005 and 2008 the Institute conducted a series of Webinars on these various topics listed below. Many of these titles are still relevant today, and may be useful in your work. If you are interested in a specific title, please contact us at and let us know.

We will promptly respond, and can provide these video presentations in streaming format.

The cost for these Webinars is USD 20.

  • LC Disclaimers for Government Regulations
  • Exclusions: UCP600 Article 12(b)
  • Introduction to Guarantees & Standbys
  • Lost Documents: UCP600 Article 35
  • Non-Bank Issuance
  • Adequate & Timely Notice of Refusal
  • Drafting Revolving Credits
  • Post Financing
  • Dealing With China
  • Drafting Evergreen Clauses
  • Oil Fluctuation Clause
  • Deferred Payment Undertakings
  • New Chinese LC Rules Pt. 1: Jurisdiction
  • New Chinese LC Rules Pt. 2: Compliance
  • Set: Chinese LC Practice: Pt. 1 & 2 + Dealing with China
  • Inoperative Conditions
  • Negotiation
  • Silent Confirmations
  • LC Legal Issues
  • Update: 2006 LC Cases