Cumulative Annual Review -International Banking Law & Practice

1996-2017 Cumulative Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice

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The 1996-2016 Cumulative Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice contains over 10,600 pages of articles, case summaries, government actions, and practice reports. With over 1,700 summaries of letter of credit and guarantee cases from the past 20 years, and 375 expert articles, this collection of case history alone makes this all-in-one volume a necessary reference for specialists actively working in this field. This product includes two USB thumb drives: the newly released 2017 Annual Review Volume (itself a $129 value), and the 1996-2016 Cumulative Annual Review.

Containing PDFs of each of the years, as well as handy PDF featuring a Cumulative Index to allow users the chance to search for keywords and terms. The Cumulative Index is also freely available online, accessible by the link above.

Each and every Annual Review volume in one convenient place, for a fraction of the price!

What is Included

- 375 expert articles covering the year in trade finance
- 1,700 summaries of LC and guarantee cases from the past 20 years
- Government Actions
- Practice Reports

Who Should Read This

- Bankers in the trade finance realm
- Lawyers dealing with LCs, guarantees, or trade
- Corporates involved with LCs and guarantees
- Anyone looking to avoid litigation and maintain high level LC and Guarantee practice

Edited by: Professor James E. Byrne, Christopher Byrnes
Edition: 2017 (current edition)
Type of Product:  2 USB thumb drives containing PDFs