Contracts Texts: Restatement 2d Contracts, UCC Article 2 & CISG | Bookstore

Contracts Texts: Restatement 2d Contracts, UCC Article 2 & CISG | Bookstore

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Contracts Texts: Restatement 2d Contracts, UCC Article 2 and CISG – 6th Edition

softbound book ISBN: 978-1-888870-75-6

ebook ISBN: 978-1-888870-78-7

Additional Notes

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Professor James Byrne, our Founding Director and retired contracts professor at George Mason University School of Law, compiled and edited this supplement to use when teaching Contracts for over 20 years. While other supplements contain small and redacted portions of the Restatement 2d Contracts, Professor Byrne found that the Comments and Illustrations clearly demonstrated the meanings of the Restatement rules and are absolutely necessary in the proper understanding and application of these rules. No other statutory supplement available for the study of Contracts contains in one volume much of the breadth of Restatement 2d - Text, Comments and Illustrations - along with the UCC Article 2 and relevant UCC Articles 1 and 9 sections as well as the CISG.

Several Professors commented on how useful the supplement is, and now many of the top Contracts professors in the country require it for their contracts students including Prof. Jim White:

"I have used the supplement for 4 years at Michigan and elsewhere with great success. The book has just enough material- not only Article 2 and the Restatement but also the comments to both- and not too much. Having the Restatement in the hands of the students helps them over some of the rough spots in learning contracts." - James J White

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