How to Succeed in Law School in 5 Hard Steps

How to Succeed in Law School in 5 Hard Steps

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How to Succeed in Law School in 5 Hard Steps is an online law school prep course produced by noted legal educator Professor James E. Byrne. This program covers fundamental practices that all first year law students must master in order to attain A level grades throughout their law school career. By helping to establish proper study techniques, encouraging you to rid yourself of unhelpful habits, and helping you master critical drafting skills, the How to Succeed in Law School program will set you up to not only ace your law school exams, but succeed.

Why our Law School Prep Program

Most 1Ls are unprepared for the challenges of the first year. Attitudes and methodologies carried over from college, however successful they may have been, leave students ill- prepared for law school.

This program is designed to give first year law students a realistic viewpoint of how to approach legal education, and the tools necessary to get A's on exams. This program is intended to shift your attitude and perspective, and to help you avoid the pitfalls faced by most students in the first semester.

One of the most common mistakes made by 1Ls is spending too much time preparing for class, and not enough time outlining or preparing for exams. The final exam is the end towards which all of your work during the semester is a means. To that effect, proper time management, efficient briefing and outlining are essential components in achieving A’s on exams. In the How to Succeed Program, you will learn how much time should ideally be spent briefing, outlining, and preparing for exams, and how each of these critical processes can be undertaken most effectively.

Who is this for:

This program is designed to be helpful to all first year law students. In fact, the tools you will learn are applicable for all of law school, and even for much of lawyering!

Second semester students who didn’t perform as well as they’d hoped stand to benefit greatly from the How to Succeed program. By establishing proper study techniques, and ridding yourself of unhelpful habits and perceptions accrued during the grind of the first semester, you will enable yourself to drastically improve your performance for the rest of law school.

New students in their first semester will be given a monumental advantage over the competition by beginning this program right away. You will learn to avoid the all-too-common stumbling blocks and misuses of time that plague 1Ls and develop strong habits from the start.

More About Professor Byrne
Professor Byrne is the Director of the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice, Inc. and has taught at George Mason University School of Law and other law schools around the world. In his more than 35 for years as an educator, Professor Byrne has taught hundreds of students in various aspects of commercial law, including contracts, commercial paper, sales, and commercial fraud. In addition to teaching, Professor Byrne has achieved international renown as one of the leading figures in letter of credit law & practice and has written and lectured extensively and has served as an expert witness on letters of credit, electronic commerce, international commerce and banking, and financial fraud in more than 35 countries. Many of his publications serve as a primary reference for practitioners throughout the world.