Introduction to Letter of Credit Law & Practice

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IIBLP’s Introduction to Letter of Credit Law & Practice is an excellent introduction to the letter of credit instrument and its various applications in international trade.

Author: Professor James E. Byrne

Edition: 6th Edition

Type of Product: Softbound Book - 232 pages / eBook (new!)

Table of Contents | Sample Chapter

This soft-bound book features case studies and practical questions to stimulate understanding of contemporary letter of credit court cases.

Material is organized in chapters, beginning with Chapter 1’s look at different types of payment mechanisms, comparing independent undertakings with their cousins (suretyship guarantees) and more distant relatives (collections). The focus then shifts to letters of credit with attention paid to the sources of letter of credit law and practice (Chapter 2), the obligations of the various players (Chapter 3), the procedural aspects of LC rules and laws (Chapter 4), the standard by which compliance is to be determined (Chapter 5), the LC fraud exception to the independence principle (Chapter 6), focus on standby & independent guarantees (Chapter 7), and finally transfer and subrogation (Chapter 8).

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