Negotiability: The Doctrine & Application U. S. Commercial Law

Negotiability: The Doctrine & Its Application in U. S. Commercial Law

  • $ 100.00

Edited by: Professor James E. Byrne

Edition: 15th Edition

Type of Product: Hardcover - 488 pages

Offers material collected with a view toward examining the doctrine of negotiability in U.S. commercial law for use in the typical Commercial Paper course in the law school curriculum. Contains 18 PDFs of each of the years, plus one additional PDF features a Cumulative Index to allow users the chance to search for key words and terms, all on one convenient thumb drive.

This case book covers the doctrine of negotiability’s presence in Commercial Paper (UCC Article 3), the bank payment system (UCC Article 4), Funds Transfers (UCC Article 4A), and commercial equivalents to negotiability under UCC Articles 2A, 5, in connection with negotiable bills of lading and warehouse receipts, and UCC Article 9.

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