UCP600: An Analytical Commentary

UCP600: An Analytical Commentary

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The authoritative user’s guide to UCP600.

Author: Professor James E. Byrne

Type of Product: Hardcover - 1,462 pages 

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The Institute's UCP600: An Analytical Commentary provides an exhaustive, analytical, and historical interpretation of the text of the UCP in light of letter of credit practice. This study is approximately 1,500 pages, and will be updated annually with Pocket Parts. This work is the definitive treatise on UCP600 and it is an essential element of every LC library.

The Commentary includes:

  • Extensive examination of each article and subarticle of UCP600. 
  • Discussion of the prior history of each article tracing its development through prior versions of the UCP. 
  • Reference to ICC Banking Commission Opinions and legal cases from around the world relevant to each article. 
  • Reference to other rules of practice (ISP98, URDG) and legal systems (US UCC Article 5, UN LC Convention, Chinese LC Rules) relevant to each article. 
  • Comprehensive index and appendices. 
  • Pocket parts that will be annually updated to reflect the latest developments in law and practice.

Current Supplement (2014)

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