URDG 758 Compared with ISP98 & UCP600 (4 DVD Set)

URDG 758 Compared with ISP98 & UCP600 (4 DVD Set)

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Many banks will be requested to take counter guarantees that are subject to URDG758 and to issue local guarantees subject to the rules. To help specialists, the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice has developed “URDG 758 Compared with ISP & UCP Rules for Guarantees & Standbys”.  This 7.5 hour programme features presentation slides and an objective audio analysis by a lawyer who is intimately familiar with guarantee & standby practice.


Further to its thorough analysis of URDG’s treatment of Introductory Issues, Obligations, Examinations, Compliance, Extend & Pay, and Miscellaneous Issues, URDG758 Compared with ISP & UCP Rules for Guarantees & Standbys confronts questions regarding the new rules that should not be overlooked. They include:  

  • The hidden documentary request in URDG 758: Is it a trap for “simple demand guarantees”?
  • In what ways does URDG 758 represent a significant improvement compared to URDG 458?
  • What are URDG’s many advantages over UCP600 for guarantees?
  • Does the URDG offer direction in most “extend or pay” situations?
  • Is the URDG slanted in favour of the applicant?
  • Does the URDG increase the risk of guarantors being precluded?
  • Do the “Force Majeure” rules realistically protect beneficiaries?
  • What are the possible candidates for exclusion from the rules?
  • What is the purpose of requiring a notice without delay that documents have been presented?
  • How is URDG useful for standard performance guarantees?
  • How are URDG’s choice of law and jurisdiction provisions useful?

Who This Benefits

- Standby LC & Guarantee Practitioners 

- Lawyers and corporates dealing with the ICC Rules


Additional Notes

This is a 4-disc DVD set which ships in a jewel case.