Introduction to Demand Guarantees & Standbys

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Introduction to Demand Guarantees & Standbys is an important title in the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice’s case materials series. This 174-page soft-bound book features case studies and practical questions to stimulate understanding of contemporary court cases involving demand guarantees and standby letters of credit.

Table of Contents | Sample Chapter

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What is Included

- Discussion of guarantees and standbys and several court cases disputing whether the guarantee is independent or not (Chapter 1)
- Sources of letter of credit law and the influence of practice (Chapter 2)
- Automatic extension and reduction clauses (Chapter 3)
- Confirmation, counter standbys, and counter guarantees (Chapter 4)
- LC fraud, abuse, and unconscionability (Chapter 5)
- Transfer & assignment and transfer by operation of law (Chapter 6)

Who Should Read This

- Demand Guarantee & Standby Specialists
- Lawyers dealing with these instruments
- Bankers dealing with trade