Documentary Credit World Subscription

Documentary Credit World Subscription

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LCs can often involve more than a dozen people from account and credit managers to document examiners and the legal department. All these people need to know and understand the latest developments in law and practice.

In the fast paced world of global trade and banking, how do you make sure you stay on top of things? Where can you turn for the answers you need?

With a subscription to DCW, you will have the tools and information you need to serve your clients better. Whether you are curious about the latest statistics or need an expert opinion about a specific operational or legal issue, with DCW you have it, and its delivered straight to your desk every month.

Available as a PDF and emailed for your electronic convenience, DCW is your SOURCE for information on LCs.

Our Editor-in-chief, Professor James E. Byrne, is one of the most respected figures in the Letter of Credit community. To assist him, he has gathered a world class Editorial Advisory Board that is without equal, representing 1000 years of practical LC experience. Each month they share their insights about the latest developments and issues that affect the way you do business.

DCW Coverage

Currently, DCW continues its expanded coverage of ICC opinions, URDG 758, the ISP98 Model Forms Project, and UCP600. Each DCW issue features expert analysis of these areas. As an LC specialist, you are sure to gain added understanding of critical elements of from a new perspective.

DCW Format

DCW strives to be green, and thus is provided almost exclusively electronically. Special requests for paper can be considered.

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